To begin the process of decorating or redecorating any space, find inspiration to identify and highlight the focal point in decoration with frames.

The focal point in decoration is the axis where attention is concentrated upon entering a room. Therefore, it is important to identify and make the most of it as the starting point for the style of ambiance.

There are multiple strategies that make decoration and interior design a defined and balanced creation, conveying a sense of spaciousness, freshness, and tranquility.

IDENTIFYING THE FOCAL POINT OF DECORATION To make the most of this starting point for decoration, it is important to work on it. However, we can start with the understanding that, in most cases, it can be done without significant investments:

Firstly, because it may already be defined in the architecture, such as a large window, a fireplace, a molding, or a spacious wall. Secondly, because it doesn’t have to be too large, but rather serve as the center of attention; it can be a piece of furniture, like a sofa, a table, or an artwork or craft. Simply by observing the room, even when it’s empty, it will be quite easy to identify the space that stands out or has that potential.

A WALL AS THE FOCAL POINT When choosing to center this visual axis on the dominant wall within the room, the immediate thought is to use frames.

The attempt may be to use a single frame as the centerpiece of the decoration, or to use a set of frames as a complement to the focal point.

The choice of frames can highlight the focal point of the decoration with colors that stand out in the ambiance.

An abstract frame with geometric lines can inspire a creative and colorful design, especially in Nordic or minimalist-style decorations.

On the other hand, a black and white frame with linear drawings or soft contours can balance the visual weight of a wall highlighted by a strong paint color or finishes similar to stones and metallics.